Tricks to Making Better Pasta at Home

We all love to cook pasta, partly because it is easy to cook and majorly because of the divine taste. But one way or the other, we always tend to think that there’s something missing. Here are some tips that will help to make a pasta taste exactly how it should be.

If you have tools use them!

Your chop sticks and those fancy spatulas are not meant to end up in a drawer, use them! Not just for the sake of using them but because your pasta actually gets better when you utilize tool. Good restaurants use chop sticks to continuously stir the pasta while it boils for uniform cooking and to keep the pasta intact.

Go for an olive oil finish instead of butter

We are just so fond giving the pasta a nice butter finish now aren’t we! But that buttery effect is not best achieved with butter as it makes the pasta heavy. The same gloss in the pasta can be added with a better and healthier ingredient called Olive Oil. Olive oil gives the same glaze to the pasta but it tastes much better and it not that heavy.

Drain the pasta a little before it is Al Dente

If you over cook the pasta while boiling it, you will have it broken into small shreds while you sauté it with the sauce. So it is a good idea to drain the pasta just before it is Al Dente so that the pasta has the tendency to remain intact while it is simmered with the sauce.

Don’t waste the Pasta Water

Don’t just drain the pasta dry and waste the water you boiled the pasta in! The water has salt and starch released by the pasta that helps bind the sauce with the pasta to enhance the taste. When it the sauce sticks properly to the pasta it results in a one whole rather than two separate items i.e. the pasta and the sauce.

Garnishing is not just for décor

Most people tend to skip the final garnishing of spices or herbs taking it just as a decoration trick. But this is not true. A final garnish not just makes the pasta look appealing but also enhances the taste and aroma of the dish plus also enhances the textural crunch.

Starving yet! Go and cook, whilst keeping the above in mind!


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